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CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)Tel 020 8361 1858

All learner riders must complete a CBT course. Full car licence holders can ride a 50cc moped if they passed their test prior to Feb 2001 but we advise taking the CBT anyway.

motorcycle training - Fast Trak London

There are 5 elements to complete. They are designed to bring the trainee up to a sufficient standard of skill and control. Each element must be completed in turn to the satisfaction of the instructor before moving on to the next element. A talk on road safety followed by a 2 hour road ride will end the course.
The CBT certificate is issued once the course is completed. It's valid for two years, so don't lose or destroy it, you need it to validate your licence and insurance.

• 16 yrs olds can ride a 50cc moped.
• 17 yrs and older can ride up to 125cc (12 BHP).
• All trainees must read and understand the Highway    Code and have some experience on a pushbike before    booking any course.

Details of CBT Course

Course duration is 1 day (9:00 to 15:30 approx.)
The cost is £100 on one of our bikes,
if you bring your own bike the cost is £90 (you must have valid MOT, tax and insurance)
Our CBT courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays

•  Please read our terms & conditions here.

Please allow plenty of time to ensure that you arrive for the course in time (9:00). We regret, that you will lose your fee if you do not turn up by 9:15.

Please bear in mind that all Fast-Trak courses need to be booked in advance. CONTACT US


Enfield Grammer School
Little Park Gardens

Fast-Trak London also offer:

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For more information regarding any of the above, please feel free to pop into the bike shop (1st Line Motorcycles at Arnos Grove, North London) for a coffee and a chat, telephone us on 020 8361 1858 or alternatively CLICK HERE to email us.

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